How well do you know the crypto-currency?
It is a crypto-currency that is not well known, but it has the power to change the currency mechanism so far!
You can understand about crypto-currency by this site very well

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Primary crypto-currency price


Bitcoin is the first crypto-currency operated
Origin was a paper submitted by Satoshi · Nakamoto's name, and operation began in 2009.
It is now the most famous virtual currency, with market capitalization exceeding about $184 billion (about 21 trillion yen).


The idea of Ethereum is the virtual currency made by Vitalik Buterin in 2013. After that, operation began in 2014.
Despite the relatively new crypto-currency, it is the crypto-currency with the biggest market capitalization after the Bitcoin.


Monacoin is made by Mr. Watanabe.It is the first crypto-currency in Japan,
and it is used relatively well as a settlement method.
In April 2014, land trading was concluded, and in June 2017 PC shops in Akihabara responded to settlement through real stores and web shopping, and it is spreading.